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who is tim storey?

Growing up in Whittier, California in a struggling family of seven, Tim learned early on the powerful role that faith and a healthy sense of humor can play in helping navigate through setbacks in life.

At 20 years of age, Tim Storey began speaking to thousands of people in audiences worldwide. Storey quickly developed his own unique style of challenging people through dynamic life-coaching. His own powerful, life-changing messages encouraged many people to discover how to live extraordinary lives through faith and abiding by 5,000 years of biblical wisdom.

a life-coach for today

Today, Storey is known as a tremendous inspirational and powerful life-coach. Storey has been described as a "Christian Deepak Chopra" with the charisma of Anthony Robbins and the warm wit of Bill Cosby. Storey is in high demand worldwide receiving over 1,500 invitations to speak every year.

We live in an anti-spiritual culture. My vision is to inject a dynamic message of faith into the world where the natural is considered to be more real than the super-natural and help people learn to live life by design, instead of by default. - Tim Storey

hollywood connection
Hailed as "Pastor to the Stars" by USA Today, Tim Storey's Hollywood Bible Study attracts some 700 people from the entertainment industry, including high-profile celebrities such as Charlie Sheen, Dyan Cannon, Gary Busey and former playboy model, Monique St. Pierre, many of whom credit Tim's inspirational messages as having changed their lives.
In response to the high demand for Tim's life-coaching messages, Tim also founded WorldShakers, an exclusive club for life-changers. WorldShakers allows high profile business executives, celebrities and sports stars to interact with Tim in a more intimate forum for teaching, fellowship and networking opportunities.

In addition to his life-coaching activities, Storey has dedicated himself to helping organizations like the Salvation Army and inner city missions, which serve underprivileged communities in the Los Angeles area.